My Gallery

:Welcome to My Gallery

My gallery comprises 3 collections: ‘Pet Portraits’, ‘Pen and Ink’ , Other Work .  To view these collections, click on their respective images located below.

I accept commissions on ‘Pet Portraits’ and Pen and Ink’ drawings.  All my work can be reproduced as cards, prints/posters, letter-headed paper or business cards.

Please visit my Shop if you wish to purchase something from any of my collections.  I reserve the right to convert all commission work into prints/posters, cards and other stationery to sell online in my Shop or privately.

Pet Portraits:  For my pet portrait commissions I work from photographs.  These can be digital.  The better the photograph, the better the end result.  I can visit your home or you can come to me (see map for my location), meet your pet and do the photography myself.  We can then choose which photograph best portrays your animal.  Please contact me to discuss details and times.  Should you wish to provide your own photograph, please click on photography tips for some useful guidance on  taking a great picture of your pet.


Pen & Ink Drawings:  I choose to use ink when the subject of my art  is a building, street or person.  With some of my street scenes, I have used a hint of water colour. I am also commissioned to draw humorous cartoons for the purpose of cards using ink and pen.  I intend to extend my range of amusing Christmas cards.  I hope you enjoy the few I have included here!


Other Work:  I’m continually experimenting with different painting media and subjects and open to suggestions for something new.